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Antenna Service

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ANYWAVES designs and develops miniature reliable high-performance antennas for SmallSats.

  • From UHF to Ka-Band
  • Custom platform
  • Final performance optimization
  • Optimization of your antenna placement
  • Guarantee of your final performance
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Key Features #1

Simulation Campaign :

ANYWAVES analyzes the antenna performance on the platform and optimizes the location of the antennas based on simulations using professional electromagnetic software. ANYWAVES provides different recommendations for your antenna placement on the platform, along with the final antenna performance. Coupling analysis between different antennas is also part of our know-how


Key Features #2

Test Campaign :

With or without a simulation, it is important to measure final antenna radiation performance. ANYWAVES offers to validate this through a test campaign. Placed on your real satellite or a representative mock-up, we measure all antenna performance: adaptation, radiation pattern, polarization, etc.

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