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Medical Space Equipment

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Medical Space Equipment system enables to set up clinical trials, which aim to study the cardiovascular deconditioning in an integrated way and targeting the microcirculation and the macrocirculation.

It is a unique system at the international level integrating all these tools for a combined use, enabling a functional study of skin microcirculation.

This flight system is composed of several elements:

  • Main Unit, including integrated instrument
  • Rack-able instruments (Doppler and Laser-Doppler)

Main Unit is the heart of the system. It consists of a block integrating electronic for power conversion and distribution, and fixed medical instruments.

The system is fully controlled by a laptop which run a dedicated EREMS software, managing all the experiment flow.

Delivery18 months

Key Features

Instruments integrated into CARDIOSPACE are:

  • ECGI (ECG board providing 12 lead ECG measurement)
  • BBPI (Brachial Blood pressure measurement based on NiBP2010 OEM instrument)
  • CNAP (Continuous finger blood pressure based on CNAP OEM instrument)

ECHO (Echographe TERASON 3200 Engine) The other two instruments Doppler and Laser-Doppler are rack-able module that can be racked alternatively into the CDS-MU.

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