ECA GroupRobotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes

With significant experience in Radio Frequency, ECA Group space applications focus on the Ground Segment of Earth Observation, Navigation and Telecommunications markets.
ECA Group is a leading provider of reliable, available, high-performance and competitive Ground Station Equipment.

ECA Group specializes on the ON-BOARD and GROUND SEGMENT of Earth Observation and Navigation with adaptive solutions:

Systems Solutions : Ground stations and stratospheric balloon systems (platform gondolas and associated ground stations)

Electronic Equipment : mainly Radiofrequency, Microwave Frequency and Signal Processing (frequency inverter, tracking receiver and telemetry receiver, ultra-high-speed modulators and demodulators, digitizers and broadband recorders, satellite link and constellation simulators, switch matrices).

Thanks to its highly skilled workforce, ECA Group covers the entire value chain as required by its customers: From Research, Development, Industrialization, Production up to Through-life Support.

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