SMALL SATS BY HEMERIA : A new access to Space

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SMALL SATS BY HEMERIA : A new access to Space

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HEMERIA offers a range of small highly reliable platforms from 10kg to 50kg with a lifetime up to 8 years. We deliver turn-key solutions tailored to the needs of each mission.


  • Design-to-cost platform for IOD applications
  • EMI free platform for SignInt and IoT applications
  • High precision and data rate platform for Earth Observation and Astronomy applications
  • GEO platform for satellite surveillance and In Orbit Servicing
  • Training programs from design to operations of nanosatellite systems.


  • Dual-core OBC with 256Gb on-board storage capacity
  • Dual star tracker and GNSS for high-accuracy AOCS
  • X-band transmitter up to 300 Mbps in download
  • Electric propulsion up to 200 m/s
  • Solar Arrays Driving Mechanism to maximise the incoming power

HEMERIA is the French leading manufacturer of nanosatellite solutions. Our goal is to provide the best compromise between miniaturisation, reliability and performance to address the new challenges of the space industry. For that we can count on a strong collaboration with a cluster of high-tech partners in NewSpace and the support from the French space agency (CNES). Together we have already delivered successfully in orbit the first 12U French CubeSat ANGELS and have been selected by KINEIS to deliver their constellation of 25 satellites for IoT by 2022.


DeliveryBetween 12 and 18 months
Flight heritage

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