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HEMERIA is offering a range of small highly reliable platforms (from 8U to 16U), from 10kg to 24kg.

  • Flexible, modular and reliable platform
  • Accessible to non-experienced professionals
  • Fast access to space
  • Service commitment from 2 to 5 years
  • Available in various configurations
DeliveryBetween 12 and 18 months
Flight heritage

Key Features #1

Scale :

  • 8U range: 100 x 220 x 460 mm3. Up to 5kg and 4W (*) average for the payload and 50W peak
  • 12U range: 220 x 220 x 340 mm3. Up to 12kg and 13W average for the payload and 100W peak
  • 16U range: 220 x 220 x 460 mm3. Up to 10kg and 20W average for the payload and 100W peak

(*) For all scales, power computer on SSO LTAN 10:30 orbit.

Key Features #2

Standing :

  • Standard configuration: Core avionics, core AOCS, S-BAND TMTC, 256 Gb on-board storage capacity
  • Intermediate Configuration: Standard configuration + 2 reaction wheels for fine 3 axes control + High data rate S-Band TMTC (2.5 Mbps for downlink, 256 kbps for uplink), Star Tracker and a GNSS receiver for autonomy.
  • Advanced Configuration: Intermediate + X-BAND very high data rate downlink (100 Mbps) and propulsion

The HEMERIA range may, however, be configured “à la carte” (customization based on already developed equipment), custom-made (specific developments) and/or proposed as turnkey solutions.

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