Find us at Paris Air Show, June 17-21. Logan, Small Satellite Conference August 3-8. IAC, Washington, October 21-25. Space Tech Expo Bremen, November 19-21. Contact us for a meeting

ECA Group

With significant experience in Radio Frequency, ECA Group space applications focus on the Ground Segment of Earth Observation, Navigation and Telecommunications markets. ECA Group is a leading provider of reliable, available, high-performance and competitive Ground Station Equipment. ECA Group specializes on the ON-BOARD and GROUND SEGMENT of Earth Observation and Navigation with adaptive solutions: Systems […]

Newspace Factory is proud to participate to the production of Kinéis nanosatellites, Angels

Largely collaborative, the ANGELS project brings together numerous industrial partners such as CS, Erems, Mecano-I and Hemeria (Nexeya Group)

Members of Newspace Factory

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