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EREMS equipment onboard CERES mission satellites successfully launched in november 2021

EREMS is a French SME of 174 people founded in 1979, to study and produce electronic equipment and associated software for Space and high technology purposes. Endowed with research, engineering, manufacturing and testing services, EREMS has been designing and manufacturing on specifications and in series, On-board Electronic equipment or modules for space for over 40 […]

TRAD presents its R2COTS product line (COTS components qualified for space applications) and FASTRAD®, a 3D modelling software for space radiation shielding analysis

For 27+ years, TRAD has been recognized for its unique expertise on radiation effects. We assist companies to better predict and minimize radiation effects on their products. R2COTS: NewSpace-Ready EEE components offer. Pre-qualified references of generic functions (linear, logic, power, converters…), shipped with full traceability documentation, radiation & qualification reports.  We guarantee reduced cost & lead […]

ANYWAVES continues to expand its range of products

ANYWAVES develops revolutionary antennas for the satellite constellations market. Based on a breakthrough technology and an expert team, ANYWAVES designs and manufactures according to space standards a new generation of high quality antennas, on demand or off-the-shelf. Unique European « pure player » antenna equipment manufacturer, ANYWAVES has sold more than 150 products with the […]

Mecano ID

The vocation of MECANO ID is the development of mechanical and thermal space subsystems. The unique in-house capabilities in engineering, manufacturing, and environmental testing bring high flexibility to its customers. MECANO ID can provide services and expertise as well as prime contracting fully committed to the result. After 24 years of experience, MECANO ID has […]

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