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GOSMIC, the new operationnal Ground segment software product line

CS GROUP is a medium‐sized company that designs, develops, deploys, maintains and operates critical systems for Aeronautics, Transports, Space and Defense. Our systems, based on innovative solutions and products, guarantee the efficiency and security of our clients’ operations and critical missions with extremely exacting requirements. Our engineers include system architects, third grade scientists and space […]

ANGELS, France’s first commercial nanosatellite designed by Hemeria, Thales Alenia Space and Syrlinks in partnership with CNES, gets operational life extension on the back of two successful years in orbit.

ANGELS, France’s first commercial nanosatellite designed by Hemeria in collaboration with CNES, has completed two years in orbit, marking the end of the initial contract between the two partners. Ten times smaller than its predecessors but delivering five times more performance, ANGELS has proven its reliability, service lifetime and operability, integrating seamlessly with the existing […]

EREMS equipment onboard CERES mission satellites successfully launched in november 2021

EREMS is a French SME of 174 people founded in 1979, to study and produce electronic equipment and associated software for Space and high technology purposes. Endowed with research, engineering, manufacturing and testing services, EREMS has been designing and manufacturing on specifications and in series, On-board Electronic equipment or modules for space for over 40 […]


Founded in 1979, EREMS is a french SME specialized in the development, manufacturing and tests of electronic equipment and associated software. EREMS is expert in advanced technological fields: mainly space, but also defense, aeronautics, nuclear … With its workforce of 147 people and equipped with studies, manufacturing and testing services, EREMS designs and produces, on […]

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