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  HEMERIA is one of the top three european suppliers of honeycomb panels, MLIs, and satellite harnesses. HEMERIA asset is to merge our skills to provide complete sub-assemblies on constellation, earth observation, Telecom and science markets. Finally, HEMERIA implements its own range of small satellite platforms, also called HEMERIA. These Nano-satellites, used for IOT, observation, […]

Callisto has supplied 2 units of Compact Cryo Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) in K-Band (20GHz) for the North American market

Callisto offers Cryogenic LNA which is cooled at cryogenic temperature to improve the Noise Temperature (NT). The compact cryogenic LNA is suitable for remote location with hard weather conditions. This product allows high reliability, better maintainability, high RF performance (gain > 50dB and NT < 50K), reasonable cost, small size and weight, and allows to […]

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