• Anywaves Antennas for CubeSats and Drones

    Miniature High-Performance Antennas for Nanosatellites and Drones.

  • Callisto Space telecommunication engineering

    Breakthrough antenna  G/T performance barriers with ultra low noise products.

  • Comat Space Mechanisms

    Simply Disruptive.

  • CS Software development and integration

    CS, innovative and low-cost solutions for your ground segment operational software and Applications.

  • ECA Group Robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes

    Make Sure.

  • Erems Electronics and micro-systems

    40 years of experience and expertise in the development of space electronic equipment.


    Beyond your Space Dreams, the Structural Solutions.

  • Nexeya Design and development of electronic equipment

    A partner from Large satellites sub-assemblies to Complete Small Satellites Platform.

  • Syntony GNSS Positioning and navigation solutions

    Shaping the future of navigation.

  • Trad Expert in radiation effects in space

    Your supplier of electronic components for the newspace and your radiation assurance partner.

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