EremsElectronics and micro-systems

Founded in 1979, EREMS is a french SME specialized in the development, manufacturing and tests of electronic equipment and associated software. EREMS is expert in advanced technological fields: mainly space, but also defense, aeronautics, nuclear …

With its workforce of 147 people and equipped with studies, manufacturing and testing services, EREMS designs and produces, on specifications, and in small series, on-board electronic equipment and also ground equipment and test benches.

Our know-how covers energy conversion, analog electronics, digital electronics, as well as embedded or test software.

Thanks to its expertise and ability to manage large-scale projects, such as the design and production of major equipment mounted on board SPOT6 and SPOT7, IASI-NG or SVOM, or onboard electronics for sounding probes (BepiColombo). Exploration of the solar system for example to Mars or Rosetta. EREMS is an interlocutor recognized by its customers for its commitment and the quality of its services.


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