OREKIT Flight Dynamics Library

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OREKIT Flight Dynamics Library

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Orekit aims at providing accurate and efficient low level components for the development of flight dynamics applications. It is designed to be easily used in very different contexts, from quick studies up to critical operations. As a library, Orekit provides basic elements (orbits, dates, attitude, frames, …) and various algorithms to handle them (conversions, propagations, pointing, …).

  • Time / Date Management
  • Frames / Coordinates
  • Spacecarft State
  • Manoeuvers
  • Orbit & Attitude Handling & propagation
  • Events Detection
  • Orbit Determination
  • Complex Earh models
  • Customizable data handling

Key Features

  • Open-Source
  • Orbit Propagation
  • Orbite Determination
  • Events Detextion
  • Multi-Satellite processing
  • Frame & Coordinates transformation
  • Adapted to Electrical Propulsion
  • Attitude & manoeuvers handling

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