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EREMS equipment onboard CERES mission satellites successfully launched in november 2021

 In News 2022

EREMS is a French SME of 174 people founded in 1979, to study and produce electronic equipment and associated software for Space and high technology purposes.

Endowed with research, engineering, manufacturing and testing services, EREMS has been designing and manufacturing on specifications and in series, On-board Electronic equipment or modules for space for over 40 years. The areas of expertise of its teams cover energy conversion, analogue electronics and digital electronics as well as embedded software.

Last November, the three satellites of the CERES-mission were successfully launched. In collaboration with Thales Alenia Space, EREMS took part in the development of the RTU (“Remote Terminal Unit”) equipment displayed onboard each satellite and has also supplied the flight electronic equipment SAP & SAFLT which will enable the passivation of the satellites. The constellation will collect data in areas unattainable for ground, naval or airborne sensors, providing the armies with a better knowledge of the capacities and intentions of the opponents, making France one of the few country to have access to this technical achievement.

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