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Advanced AIT facilities for high-value space products and equipment.

Relying on its decades-long experience in mechanical parts for the space industry and MGSEs, its highly-skilled operational teams, and its facilities with its own specific clean rooms, COMAT is able to provide flawless AIT services:

  • Embedded space equipment (mechanisms, optical equipment,…) meeting all compliance standards.
  • Capacity to assemble series, up to hundreds of products, with our team of highly-qualified integrators.
  • We provide our customers with exhaustive industrial support thanks to our large range of competences and our quality assurance.
  • Ready for integration at customers’ premises or in our own fully equipped facilities.

Other COMAT products and services

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Key Features

500 m² dedicated to AIT:

  • Various types of clean room including:
    • ISO5 clean room (20 m²)
    • ISO7 clean rooms (100 m²)
    • 370 m² grey rooms
  • Oven (-40°C / +180°C)
  • Vacuum chamber with thrust balance (1 m³)
  • Optical control machine in ISO5 environment

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