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Manufacturing by COMAT

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Dedicated factory for the manufacturing of high-precision mechanical parts and electronic boxes.

With over 40 years of experience in the space sector and thanks to its fully equipped industrial facilities, COMAT is able to manufacture highly demanding parts as well as whole equipment, while providing all kinds of insurances:

  • Our success as an OEM relies on our excellent industrial facilities. We provide prototypes or flight qualified elementary parts in large series or single units.
  • We support our customers in the industrialization and reindustrialization of their products.
  • Our process optimizes costs and production cycles, while complying with ECSS standards.
  • As an SME, our flexibility and sense of innovation enable us to improve the industrial process of existing products.

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Key Features

14 machines running 2×8 hours a day:

  • Various machining tools:
    • 5-axis machines x3
    • 3-axis machines x4
    • Conventional milling machines x2
    • Conventional lathes x2
    • CNC lathe x1
    • 3D metrology machines x2
  • Ability to work exotic metals such as aluminum-silicium

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