Compact Cryogenic LNA

Company : Callisto

Compact Cryogenic LNA

Callisto has launched a breakthrough “Compact” cryo-LNA using a zero-maintenance cryo-cooler.The product has a proven track record in Space Communications and Radioastronomy/VLBI applications, with units produced for ESA, CNES and Zodiac Data Systems (ZDS).

Improve Antenna G/T (2 dB @ 8GHz):

  • Increase Data Transfer Rate (up to 60%) –
  • Improve link margin

Reduction of Antenna Diameter:

  • Antenna Cost Reduction (150K€ savings for a 10m EO Antenna)
  • Reduce installation cost of Antenna
  • Less susceptibility to high wind
  • Antenna pointing improvement
Delivery4-5 months

Key Features

  • Maintenance Free
  • Plug & Play (no need for a vacuum pump)
  • Service Life > 10 years
  • Low Power Consumption (compared to standard cryo systems)
  • High Flexibility/Adaptability: 1 or 2 RF Channels / From 2 to 40GHz
  • Compact System ( 51*23*19 cm – 11Kg)

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