SubWAVE GPS coverage extension

Company : Syntony GNSS

SubWAVE GPS coverage extension

SubWAVE is a unique solution to make GPS signal work where it does not. It emits multiple GPS zones for subway stations and tunnels with a perfect emulation of the “real” GPS signal and a high synchronization rate with outside constellation. It answers many use cases such as location of emergency calls underground, location of maintenance teams and asset tracking, improvement of operational performance, and guidance for public in confined environments.

  • From 3 up to 6 RF output
  • Full time and location control
  • High reliability
  • Easy Maintenance
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Key Features

Extensive options :

  • PVT definition for each zone
  • Emission power for each zone
  • Synchronization control with outdoor GPS <<1 microsec
  • Alarm monitoring
  • GPS redundancy
  • Front LED error status
  • Extractable SSD drive for higher performance and easy maintenance

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