Constellator GNSS Simulator

Company : Syntony GNSS

Constellator GNSS Simulator

Designed to test receivers to fulfill demand of the future, it matches top-end processing performance and RF quality with utmost flexibility in simulation control.

  • Extensible up to 660 L1 C/A equivalent signals delivering high-quality satellite signals on up to 6 distinct frequencies.
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing at 10 to 1000 Hz refresh rates (option) – Affordable TCO – Extensive simulation options.
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Key Features

Extensive simulation options :

  • Full time and location
  • Control
  • Receiver trajectories with extreme dynamics
  • Background noise, interference & jamming. Spoofing ( 2 units)
  • Atmospheric propagation errors
  • Satellite errors
  • Multipath and obscuration
  • On-the-fly scenario modifications

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