Mechanical and Thermal Engineering

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Mechanical and Thermal Engineering

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With more than 75 people, MECANO ID is one of the most french independant engineering company dedicated to space mechanical and thermal issues.

Engineering services are provided in-house with the following:

  • Mechanical & Thermal architecture
  • Mechanical & Thermal design
  • Mechanical analyses
  • Thermal analyses With more than 24 years experienced in justification for space environment compliance

Keys Features

  • Specification writing
  • Trade-off analyses
  • Verification and validation to requirements
  • Design for metallic or composite parts
  • Static, modal, sine, random, transitory, thermo-elastic loading pressure, acoustics, shock
  • Linear or non-linear
  • Fatigue, failsafe, safe life, containment
  • Thermal management: MLI, radiator, heater, heat pipe, fluid loop, Peltier elements, thermal shunt, etc.
  • Orbitography consideration
  • Steady, transient and cycled analyses
  • Balance sheet flow
  • Mechanical and Thermal Tests preparation and monitoring

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