Space Equipment Development and Manufacturing

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Space Equipment Development and Manufacturing

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French SME located in Flourens beside Toulouse (since 1979) specialized in the design & manufacture of space flight electronic.

  • 40 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of space equipment
  • Full managment of electronic projects from Phase 0/A to Phase C/D.
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Key Features

  • Global surface of 2300m²
  • 220m² Clean Room ISO8
  • 3 thermal changer under nitrogen
  • 1 Qualified FPGA programming bench
  • 1 ZEVAC/Onyx semi-automatic soldering machine
  • 1 conducted EMC bench
  • 14 ESA certified operators (pinned & wired soldering and SMT)
  • 3 ESA certified controllers
  • 1 ESA certified instructor

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