Qualified COTS Sourcing & Testing

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Qualified COTS Sourcing & Testing

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R2COTS (a TRAD activity) offers a complete service for supply and qualification of COTS and specific components dedicated to the most severe environments.

Supplying CERTIFIED electronic components, at the BEST PRICE and with REDUCED LEAD TIME, resistant to severe environments:

  • Atmospheric or space radiation
  • Strong vibrations
  • Rapid temperature variations
  • High humidity etc.

Key Features

  • 380 m2 laboratory with Cobalt-60 source
  • Screening tests and LAT (Lot Acceptance Tests)
  • Tests proposed :
    • Construction Analysis
    • Mechanical Tests
    • Stress Tests
    • Thermal Cycling
    • Life Tests
    • Radiations (TID, TNID, SEE)
  • Advice on best component strategy
  • List of qualified components
  • Supply of specific or obsolete components
  • Authentication and Traceability
  • Quality assurance
  • Storage and delivery on request

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