Radiation Testing

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Radiation Testing

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TRAD : The reference in radiation testing for electronic components.

The cumulative dose (TID, TNID) can degrade the electrical and functional parameters of an electronic component, which can lead to its destruction. The behavior of electronic components against SEE (Single Event Effect) is also very important to predict. Heavy ions or protons can damage the component, as they pass through the device. This mechanism can lead to multiple errors until the destruction of the component. For testing the components, TRAD designs test benches, irradiates the components and measures the different parameters (drifts, occurence rates of SEU, SET, SEL, SEGR, …).


Key Features

  • 380 m2 laboratory with Cobalt-60 source
  • More than 6000 components tested against radiation effects during the last 25 years
  • Highly qualified team able to develop test procedures for all the standards, to create testbenches, and to analyse the results of the irradiation sequences
  • Easy access to the main irradiation facilities in Europe and in the USA

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