Plasma Jet Pack 0-30

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Plasma Jet Pack 0-30

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This plug-and-thrust, disruptive technology offers low-cost propulsion for smallsats.

Small and lightweight, with a lifespan of at least five years, the PJP 0-30 is the first model of a range of thrusters that will span up to 150 watt. It will improve the life time of satellites and their operational capabilities (launch into orbit, station keeping, de-orbitation). The PJP 0-30 is modular and COMAT can customize it according to customers’ needs.

Main benefits:

  • Solid metal propellant
  • Power and mean thrust adjustable without efficiency change
  • High specific impulse
  • Neutral plasma
  • Ibit flexibility form nNs to µNs as per design concept
  • Compact propulsion module
  • Robust electronics

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Key Features

  • Average thrust: from 0 to 450 µN@30W
  • Specific impulse ISP: 3,000 s
  • Impulse bit: 15 µNs
  • Overall mass: 1,000 g
  • Overall volume: 1 U (including propellant and PPU)
  • Total impulse: 4 kN.s
  • Total thrust duration: 100 days@30Hz
  • Power interface: From 0 to 30 W as function frequency

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