Ambient LNA

Company : Callisto

Ambient LNA

Callisto has more than 20 years of experience producing low noise amplifier systems for satellite ground stations, and has launched its next generation of LNA products for Ka-Band.

  • Available with waveguide input
  • Stae-of-the-art RF low noise and stability performance
  • Optimised for next generation Earth Observation applications
Delivery4 months

Key Features

K-Band [18.2 – 21.2] GHz NT =1.65dB NF max (1.5dB mean) / Gain = 48dB min

Ka-Band [25.5 – 27.0] GHz NT =1.83dB NF max (1.7dB mean) / Gain = 43dB min

Wideband [12 – 32] GHz 2.2dB NF max [19 – 28] GHz / Gain = 25dB min

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